Reliable Dual Beam Solar Driveway Alarm / Perimeter Fence

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== Turtle Beam Sensor ==

Reliable Dual Beam Solar Driveway Alarm

Wireless IR Dual Beam Driveway alert.
Very reliable 
Beam range ca. 30m -40m
Range sensor to in house receiver up to 300m in the open. Trees, Bushes in line of sight will reduce range drastically.
Item is compliant with NZ / AU Regulations

This is a Dual BEAM system NOT a Single Beam or a unreliable PIR system!

System will detect intruder by transmitting invisible infrared light beams across an area, where the beams would be obstructed by an intruder.
The Turtle Beam Sensor is one of the most reliable devices on the market. Sky above sensor must be visible to get enough power.

- Effective long-range detection system
- Transmitters and receivers create an invisible fence-like barrier
- Sensors will transmit RF signal to the in house receiver
- Receiver can sound alert tone, ding-dong or chime for 2-3 sec.

Optional Pager System.

A pager is available so you can move around freely on your property.
(available only in our web shop).


- Long distance guarding.
- Solar powered
- System can work 1 week without sunlight
- Easy to install (DIY)

- Dimension: 73 x 85 x 272mm

1 x Sensor set
1x House receiver (can manage several sensors)
1x Power supply
2x Mounting set
1x Manual

Extra Sensor pair $219
Extra receiver $75

Driveway alarm, Perimeter alert, Gate alert,