WiFi Switch

WIFI Switch for gate opener. Gate Automation Product
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WiFi Switch for Gate Openers

You can open and close your gate using any phone or computer. The device connects to your home wireless connection. Before using it, make sure your gate has WiFi reception by checking with your phone. The device acts as an additional control without interfering with other controls, but it doesn't have a sensor to report the gate's status (open or closed). Comes either with or without housing, depending on stock and situation.


Input voltage: DC/AC 7-32V, Micro USB 5V input.
Max current: 2200W/10A.
WiFi standard: WiFi 2.4 GHz b/n/g.
Size: 1CH 694120mm
Service life of the relay is more than 1,000,000.


Works with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Amazon Tap.
Works with Google Home and Alexa.

You can download an app called eWeLink to access various helpful features related to gate access management.

Before placing an order, please do the following:

Check if your gate has a strong WiFi signal. Take your phone to the gate opener and check the signal's strength. Make sure it's your WiFi signal and not your neighbor's across the street.

Please note that we cannot provide support for setting up the WiFi switch with your router or explain how to use the app. We can only supply the switch and provide wiring instructions. There is a lot of information available online. We appreciate your understanding.