Turtle Receiver Switch RCV1-2C-ID

Turtle RCV1-2C-ID Receiver Switch

You might have other applications you want to operate remotely with the same remote control you use for the Turtle Gate Opener and that’s when this Receiver / Switch comes in handy.

The Turtle RCV1-2C-ID Receiver Switch is for indoor use only or must be placed inside a weatherproof enclosure (see other listing for outdoor device) . It can receive RF signals of Remote Controls (RC’s) and switch the two on-board relays to remotely operate a gate motor or any other compatible device. You pair the RC with this switch and program the receiver according to your needs (100 RC's can be paired). Then wire the Turtle RCV1-2C-ID Receiver Switch to the device you want to operate, eg. second Gate Opener, Electric Garage Gate, Lights etc. You have 2 separate Channels (relay outputs) available you can use and program to work either in Bistable or in Monostable mode depending on what you want to operate.

Depending on the wiring of the ports you can use each channel in either NO or NC mode (normally open or normally closed circuit), according to the application to switch.

- Working voltage: 12 – 24V AC/DC Frequency: 433.92MHz

- Measurements: W43xL63xH30mm

- Made for indoor use

- Receiver can learn codes of up to 100 RC’s.



  • 1x RF Receiver / Switch with 2 relays
  • Please Note: Only sold to owners / buyers of Turtle Gate Openers.