Telescopic Sliding Gate Installation Kit

Telescopic Sliding Gate Installation Kit TEL-SLG-SET2
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Turtle Telescopic Sliding Gate Installation Kit TEL-SLG-SET2

What is a Turtle Telescopic Gate?

A telescopic gate is a gate designed in two halves with a leading and a trailing gate. The leading gate will be the gate closest to the inside of the property whereas the trailing gate is the gate that is closest to the street. 

Typically a sliding gate would require the width of the driveway + the tail of the gate (350mm) as the minimum clear area required however the telescopic gate system  only requires half the driveway width + the tail of gate (350mm). This makes a telescopic gate superior in clearance space required and beneficial for townhouses, blocks of units and any other installation with limited space.

Using the information above if the driveway width is 4000mm then each gate would be manufactured to 2350mm thus making 2350mm the required clearance space. Ideally an additional 150mm would be ideal for a ground stop installation making the preferred clearance space 2500mm.




What else do I need to for a Telescopic Gate?

This is a complete telescopic sliding gate installation kit with all the parts required for an up to 8.5m. This kit does NOT include the hardware required to make each of the gates slide individually. Comes with Galvanized steel pulley carriers with sealed bearings.