Turtle Flood Proof Sliding Gate Opener DIY

Turtle Flood Proof Sliding Gate Opener DIY 230-12V-DIY
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Minimum quantity for "Turtle Flood Proof Sliding Gate Opener DIY" is 1.


Important: Before we agree to sell this motor;  Please send us a photo of the gate you wish to automate with this motor. We need a photo where we can see the whole gate (closed) in one shut. We will only accept your order once we saw the photo and consider the motor to be suitable. This is to avoid possible problems at an early stage.

Turtle Flood Proof Sliding Gate Opener DIY 230-12V-DIY

AC-powered set with a 12V motor. This set allows you to plug the power control box with the step-down transformer in at your garage. You will get 12VAC output allowing you to take a low voltage cable from the garage to your gate motor. You won’t have to dig the cable in the ground like a 230V/AC cable. You can lay the cable along a fence or just where it is most practical for you. This can save you a lot of money compared to a 230VAC installation where you need a registered Electrician for wiring.  

This is a flood proof motor and all mechanics & limit switches etc. are completely concealed making it weather, dust & flood proof.

For gates up to 500kg. (on level ground)


  • Power supply: 230 VAC to step-down transformer to 12VAC
  • Gates up to 500kg
  • Motor output: 100W 
  • Auxiliary power output: 12 V a/c 3W max.
  • Stop limit / low voltage commands: 12 V 
  • Flood proof
  • Working temperature: -10 - 55 °C
  • Remote controls: 12-18 Bit or Rolling Code
  • Max stored remote controls: 100
  • Flashing beacon output


Operate the gate opener:

  • Remote control (2 included)

 Automatic closing:

The control board can close the gate automatically depending on your time settings.

Pedestrian Passage: If selected (PED CODE LED illuminated), using the pedestrian mode, the gate will open for 10 seconds, after 10 seconds the gate auto closes again automatically.

Safety device:

IR safety beams can be installed (optional) 

Flashing Beacon Operation:

A beacon can be connected that will flash during gate operation.

Reliability & Durability 

This extraordinary opener is special in many ways built from reliable components consisting of all metal gears (no nylon or plastic) unlike many competitors models. The DC motor is fitted with a steel worm drive and works in conjunction with the metal transfer gearbox and metal pinion to ensure the highest durability and strength in the operation of the sliding gate. 
This system is engineered to last a long life and carries a full 12 months Warranty.

Flood Proof 

This Sliding gate motor is IP57 rated meaning that it can handle temporary water immersion of up to 1 metre (3 feet) of fresh water for up to 30 minutes. This makes it the ideal choice for users wanting maximum protection to their sliding gate motor and for areas which are flood prone. The motor does not have any protruding components and is completely concealed and water tight with all mechanical components built in underneath the motor cover. Please see further information below. 

Magnetic Limit Switches

The motor is fitted with magnetic limit switches to ensure two things: 
1. A water tight seal around the motor to stop dust, water and insects from getting into the motor as there is no open areas or protruding components such as limit switches (magnetic limit switches are built in underneath the motor cover). 
2. Wear and Tear is minimized due to less mechanical parts. 

Manual Override

Easy to use manual override with 3 keys supplied, simply unlock with the key, pull the lever and the gate will be free and can be opened manually in the case of an emergency or a power outage. 

Gate Weight 

This Motor can handle gates up to 500kg. 

Please note: The weight capacity is variable and based on the width of the gate, the design (open frame, cladded, color bond sheet) and how level the ground is. Castor wheels must be in good conditions and you must be able to push the gate all the way and back with 2 fingers only (Two Finger Rule) . All of these factors which differ in every installation must be taken into account and will determine the final capacity that this motor can handle for that particular installation. 


  • 1x Gate opener SGO-FP-12-DIY
  • 4x 1m Nylon Rack / Steel is optional
  • 2x Remote control
  • 2x. Magnetic Limit Switch 
  • 1x Weather-proof Enclosure with step down transformer to plug in at garage.
  • Manual