Safety Beam for Gate Openers


Active IR Single Beam.

Safety Beam Sensors 12-15m range
Infrared beam security beam sensor.
This kind of sensors are normally used as safety beam sensors on gate and garages opening system to stop the gate(s) from closing on a car, person or other objects, as soon as the beam is broken.
The Sensor allows for N/O & N/C contacts.
Detection technology: Infrared
Range: 15m
Frequency: 1.92Khz
Power: 10-24V AC/DC
Wave Length: 940mm
Input: RX 15mA, TX 30mA
Operating temperature: -20 to 70 degrees
Relay output: 1Amp max 30V
Dimension: 49.2 x 76 21mm
Please note: Range may vary according to the site environment conditions and according to the weather.

IMPORTANT: This product is only sold to owners / buyers of our gate openers.