Sliding Gate Hardware Installation Kit

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Minimum quantity for "Sliding Gate Hardware Installation Kit" is 1.

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Sliding Gate Hardware Installation Kit Track / Wheels / Stopper / Roller Guide 


  • Adjustable screw thread flute for different door thickness
  • Perfect for maintaining existing sliding gates or installing a new one
  • The galvanized metal ensures your gate slides smoothly and effortlessly
  • Ideal for home DIY projects, renovations or repairs
  • Galvanized steel

Package Contents

  • 1 x Gate Stopper
  • 4 x 1.5m or 3x 2m  U-Groove Galvanized Ground Track depending on stock
  • 1 x Upper Guide Bracket with 2 Nylon Rollers
  • 2 x U Groove single Bearing Wheels - Galvanized suitable for 300kg load each
  • 1 x Gate End Stop / Catcher (93mm Opening)

Please pick the type of wheels you need. The standard model for DIY projects is the the Bottom Mount Type. Recessed wheels are also available.

Hardware set suitable for gates up to 600kg. 


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How many castor wheels do I need for my gate?

Two castor wheels are included with this set and this is all you need for gates up to 600kg's. It is not recommended to use more than 2 wheels because the 3rd wheel might work against the other two if the ground is not level. Use stronger wheels not more wheels or if you do, take 4 and install in 2 and 2 of them close together. The bearings of castor wheels have a limitted life and the wheels should be replaced after 500km or 5 years. 

How many meters of U-track will I need for a gate installation?

You will need the length of the gate times two, minus 1.5 meter because the wheels are not mounted at the very end of the gate but a bit inwards to make sure the gate is well balanced.

The formula for the castor positoning of the wheels:

Example for a 4m long gate:  4/4= 1m – 15% = 85cm

You therfore need min. 6.5m U-track for a 4m gate.

The set comes with 6m track included. Extra U-tracks are available.

Do I need Pin's?

Pins are only useful to fit U-tracks on to concrete. 6 pins for each U-track should be ok.