Turtle Sliding Gate Opener Solar Powered

Solar Powered Sliding Gate Opener SGO-SS-24S
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Solar Powered Sliding Gate Opener / SGO-SS-24S

For gates up to 700kg. 

Fully solar powered sliding gate opener with  18Amp backup batteries.

This is a simple solution where mains is not available at the gate.
This is a quality motor with all metal gear.  The lower part of the chassis is made of aluminum cast.
No trenching and no electrician needed. You are allowed to wire a low power systems yourself and this can save you a lot of money.
Comes with detailed installation instruction - Gate hardware installation kits and more accessories are available in or web shop.
This sytem does not use toggle switches or magnet switches to mark the fully open and close position. It comes with a hall sensor and all you need to do is to run the learning program the first time you use it and the motor will learn the start and end points of the gate. From then on the motor will know where to stop and when to start the slow speed mode so it won't slam into the end posts. This is the first and only sliding gate system making use of this smart technology and our customer love it because it is so much easier to install.

 Technical Data:

  • Power supply: Solar 24VDC.  12V 18A twin battery backup 
  • Gates up to 700kg and 8m length on level ground. 
  • Motor output: ca. 300W 
  • Gate speed ca.: 12m min
  • Auxiliary power output: 24VDC 3W max.
  • Weight (no battery): ca. 10kg 
  • Dimensions:
  • Working temperature: -10 - +55°C
  • Remote controls: 433.92 MHz 
  • Max remote controls: 25+
  • Flashing beacon output

 Operate the gate opener:

  • Remote control (2 included)
  • Push button (optional)
  • Keypad (wireless or wired) (optional)
  • IR safety sensors (optional)
  • more options available ...


  • 1x Gate opener motor
  • 2x 12V 9A batteries (total of 18 Amp backup power!!)
  • 2x 30W Solar panel and mounting brackets
  • Solar charge controller 
  • 5m Cable to wire solar panel.
  • 4x 1m Nylon Rack / Steel is optional
  • 2x Remote control 


12 months RTB
Consumer Guarantees Act applies


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