Articulated Single SWING GATE OPENER

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Turtle Articulated Swing Gate Opener ART-T1-DIY

Use an articulated swing gate opener if you have a massive pillar like in the photo of this advertisement or if you need a wider opening angle then you can get with a linear opener system. 

- Articulated openers are easier to install then linear type and have a wider opening angle (up to 120 degrees).

- This Single Swing Gate Opener will handle swing gates up to 2.5m long and 250kg. It has a soft start, soft stop function, emergency release key in case of power failure.

- Suitable for pull to open or push to open.  max angle for opening gates up to 120 (!) degrees.

- To simplify installation, this articulated dual swing gate operator may be installed with low-cost, low-voltage wiring (DIY model) or in remote locations using our optional Solar Panels.

- For gates with covered surface (cladding) max leafe length is 2m

also available solar powered - please ask!

Operating voltage: 230VAC transformed to 24VAC Plug in in garage to get 24V (low voltage) allowing cables to be above ground - no electrician required.
Max Single-leaf Length:3m For Open Farm Gates and 2.5m for normal Swing Gates - if gate has cladding length must not be more then 2m in windy places.
Max Single-leaf Weight:250KG
Environment Temperature:-20°C~+50°C
Water Protection:IP55


1x Motor & arm
1x Turtle Control Box
1x Enclosure & Transformer Coil
2x Remote control
Installation Accessory
1x Manual

1 year warranty

Articulated Swing Gate Opener

Turtle Articulated Swing Gate Opener