Turtle Sliding Gate Opener 230VAC- 24VAC DIY

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Turtle Sliding Gate Opener DIY 230-24V DIY

This is an AC-powered set with a 24V motor. This set allows you to plug the power control box in at your garage and transform power to 24VAC allowing you to wire yourself (low voltage). You won’t have to dig the cable 80 cm deep in the ground like a 230V/AC cable. This sliding gate opener provides good starting torque making it ideal for domestic applications. Constructed with an aluminum alloy chassis, it's corrosion resistant and solid enough for heavy use. The motor supports gates weighing up to 600kg.

Sliding gate operator:
1. fully-automatic
2. 24V motor with 230V AC power supply and transformer
3. weather-proof
4). Electronic soft-start
5). Automatic return if high resistance met

Voltage: 230/24V
Motor making: die casting aluminum
Manual Release: yes
Remote distance: > 30m - 50m
Product weight, :10.25kg
Max, weight of gate: 600+kg max. length 6m
This is a 24VAC system and you are allowed to wire it DIY not like a 230VAC system that has to be wired by a Registered Electrician.

For domestic use only, not for retirement villages, blocks etc., all data ref. to gates installed on even flat surface.  

Auto closing: YEs
Safety Photocell socket: YES
Alarm light socket: YES
Keypad socket: YES

Battery Backup possible (optional)

You get:
1x Power Box, 230VAC in, transformed to 24VAC 1x Motor and mounting set

4x 1m Steel Tracks (extra track available) - Let us know if you prefer Nylon Tracks

2x Remote Control (extra Remote = $15)

1x Manual

Please note: Cover might either be blue or grey depending on stock
Cables not included.

12 months RTB Warranty
Consumer Guarantees Act applies