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Minimum quantity for "TURTLE SWING GATE OPENER 230VAC" is 1.


Linear Actuator / Swing Gate Operator

This Turtle Swing Gate Opener is 230V/AC powered and comes with a step-down transformer (24V/AC)

This gate opening system is a robust, long lasting and quiet opening and closing system for swing gates up to 3m in length. The motor can handle light and mid weight gates. It is a screw type actuator made of stainless steel with a rigid cast alloy motor housing. The harsh NZ sun will destroy plastic covers that's why we prefer solid aluminum not like many other brands who use plastic. 
The motor is durable and powerful, the gear box is heavy duty and all gears are constructed of metal (no plastic, fiber or nylon).

Optional DIY Upgrade

This model is also available in a DIY version with split power supply. It will be supplied with an extra enclosure containing the transformer coil (230V-24V). You can plug it in to any grid socket and take the cable to the gate yourself without any obligation to bury it 80cm deep like a 230VAC cable. This option is working for gates up to max. 30m - 50m distance from grid. You can use a normal extension court for min. 10A. For longer distances you have to contact an electrician to figure out what cable diameter you have to use. You are allowed to do all wiring yourself (24V = low voltage). Be aware that this option is usually only of interest for you in situations where grid is not available directly at your gate.

You can find the DIY model in the Swing Gate "Low Voltage DIY" section.

Product Features

• Open and close the gate by remote control and keypad
• Soft start/close
• Emergency release key in case of power failure
• Single & Double Gate running mode
• Stop/Reverse in case of obstruction during gate opening/closing.
• The force of the motor can be programmed
• Optional photocell protection (IR safety beam not included ($24))
• Built in adjustable auto-close (programmable)
• One year warranty directly from our company

Input Voltage: 24V / 230V
Rotational Speed:250RPM
Rod's Running Speed: 24V = 2.5cm/s
Rod's Max Travel:400mm
Rod's min. time to extend fully 14sec. for 400mm
Continue running time: 5min
Max Single-leaf Length:3M for open gates (no cladding)
Max leaf Weight:200KG
Environment Temperature:-20°C~+50°C
Water Protection:IP55

Cables are not included as every situation is different.

See how similar systems are installed:

1x Motor arm / 2 for double gate 
1x Control box
2x Remote control
Installation accessory
1x Manual

12 months RTB
Consumer Guarantees Act applies