Wireless Keypad for Gate Openers

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Wireless Keypad for Turtle Gate Openers


Remote controls are Security Sensitive and cannot be sold to random people. We ask you therefore to contact shop administration (send a message) and let us know the email, name, or other details that allow us to locate the original order.  We will provide a link for you where you can buy the keypad as soon as we know that you are eligible. Price $85 plus shipping.  

We will send you the correct remote control for your Turtle gate opener system and the picture is only an indication.

Please note: only sold to buyers / owners of Turtle gate openers.

Thanks for your understanding!

Turtle Direct

Waterproof Wireless Keypad

Main features:

- 8 different User Groups possible

-Touch Sensor Buttons

-Tempered Glass

-Power: 6V DC (4*AA Batteries)

-Two Channel Output

-Led Indicator+ Back Light

-Security Lockout

-Ultra Low Power Consumption *18uA Standby

-Multi User Pin Codes: 8

-IP Rating 53