Solar Panel 30W & Solid Mounting Bracket

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1 Sealed Lead Acid Battery 12V/7A
SOLAR PANEL 12V or 24V 30W & Mounting Bracket

IMPORTANT: Solar panels are exclusively offered to buyers and owners of Turtle Gate Opener systems. 

Please make sure you tick the correct model.  Ask if you are not sure. 

Mounting bracket are NOT included.


30W 12V or 24V Polycrystalline Cells Solar Panel
Anodized alloy aluminum frame, solid and durable
High efficiency and excellent performance

12V 30W Panel

Power: 30W 12V
Max Peak voltage: 18.50V
Max Peak current: 1.67A
Open circuit voltage: 23V
Short circuit current: 1.89A
Tolerance: ±5%
Dimensions: 630x350x25mm 

24V 30W Panel

Power: 30W 24V
Max Peak voltage: 37.30V
Max Peak current: 1.67A
Open circuit voltage: 37.3V
Short circuit current: 0.9A
Tolerance: ±5%
Dimensions: 630x350x25mm

Material: Polycrystalline
Weight: CA. 2.55KG (panel only)
Dimensions: 630x350x25mm
Cable Length: no cable included


1 x Solar Panel



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