Educational Videos

educational videoIn our video section you can find some links to educational videos for gate automation. We are aware that many of our customers have never installed an automation system before and it is normal to have quiet some questions about how to get this done. Manuals cannot cover every aspect of an installation and we hope that some of the videos help to fill this gap.

Most videos are of other suppliers and the products used in the videos are not identical with our products. Please take this into consideration.

However, the installation often remains very similar or the same. Just go to the section relevant for you and click on the links to see the videos. We hope this will help you to understand how an installation can or should be done.

We would like to give a special thanks to all the gate automation specialists who share their knowledge on YouTube and other platforms made this link collection possible.

A great sliding gate installation summary video.
Nice general installation instructions for sliding gate opener installation. 
General installation instructions for sliding gate opener installation 2

Double Swing Gate opener
Linear Gate opener Turtle P600 Solar Powered in Action

Turtle Wheeled Swing Gate Motor

Comment: We share Grants views in general but we consider grid to be more reliable, less expenisve and also cleaner then solar power. It is NOT free power once you have the equipment, because you need to replace the batteries every 2-3 years and that costs you money. 
This video shows how to set up and operate a WiFi switch.  for opening and closing your gate using the App eWelink.
Linear Swing Gate Opener
FAAC instruction video on how to install a linear swing gate opener. They show how important it is to get the geometry right.
Articulated Swing gate Opener
Here is an example where you can see how an articulated gate opner works. They are often the best solution for gates with large pillars.