How to find the Right Gate Opener?

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Automating your gate is making it more convenient to enter and exit your property and it will increase security for you and your family. It is no secret that properties with no gates and fences are an invitation for thieves and burglars. Make sure you choose the best gate opener for your particular needs and situation. With their high-tech features and convenience, today’s automatic gate openers are a must-have if your property is secured with a gate.

1. Swing Gate or Sliding Gate?sliding and swing gate illustration
The gate type you use will determine what kind of opener you need for automation. Several different models are available for both, swing and sliding gates. If you don’t have a gate yet, you first need to make a decision on what kind of gate you will use. The situation often dictates what is best. We therefore will not go into this subject here. No matter what gate you are using, the below questions and answers remain rather adequate.

2. How to Power a Gate Opener System?
power cable / power pointAvailable power sources play an important role and can make a difference in what type of gate opener you choose. Every Power Source has advantages and disadvantages. You can basically say: use mains where possible and go for other alternatives where mains is not an option. How to pick the right opener for your gate and situation? What are the priorities?

a) Is 230VAC Mains available at the Gate?230 mains
If you have already mains available at the gate you should use it to power your gate and not look any further.

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b) Alternatives if Mains is NOT Available
If mains is unavailable at the gate and taking it there impossible or too expensive than you should considerTurtle Step-Down Converter the DIY method. This approach works best where a power plug is available within 30-50m distance from the gate. This allows you to plug in a Turtle Step-down Transformer (see Photo) and take a low voltage cable to the gate yourself. The cable does not even have to go underground and the fact that you are using a low voltage system allows you also to wire the motor yourself. This is a very smart solution and should be your first alternative to check if mains is not available at the gate. Most TURTLE Automation Systems are available in a 12V or 24V version and suitable for this power solution.

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c) Solar Powered Systems
Turtle Solar PanelSolar Power (“SP”) is definitely a great option especially in absence of other power sources. Modern solar panels are quite efficient and batteries can store power for night time and dark cloudy days. Several Turtle Gate Openers can be solar powered. Farmers are also keen to have their gates automated and now have excellent tools to get this done. Our P-400 and P-600 swing gate openers are ideal also for farm gates and can be solar powered. Our Solar Powered Sliding gate motors work great for domestic gates up to 500kg. Our flood Proof model has a 18A (!) battery backup. Solar Power is a limited power and you have to make sure that the batteries can provide the energy for the required actuations. 5 to 15 daily actuations are considered normal for a domestic gate.

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The Gate Automation System you will end up using is pretty much determined by the particular situation. Just exclude all models that are not suitable and you will remain with very few options and it should be quite easy to pick the right system for your needs.

However, should you still be in doubt which opener is best for you, please click on the link below and complete the form – we will get back to you with some suggestions within 3 days or sooner.

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