Nylon Cantilever Roller

Nylon Cantilever Roller
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Turtle Nylon Cantilever Roller Set CTL-WHL-1 (4pcs)

This is a state-of-the-art way of opening and closing standard sliding gates!

This kind of system is mainly used in the US and it is  about time to introduce it to Kiwi's ....

Gates are 'sandwiched' in-between two top rollers and two bottom rollers. They are excellent for gates of any size and any automated sliding gates. The roolers are made of high-quality nylon,  allowing the gate to slide smoothly and effortless. Not only will these cantilever rollers allow a smoother gate opening, but they will also reduce the stress on your gate opener. To make sure every project has the right hardware, these cantilever rollers were developed to fit 50mm SHS tubes and will be suitable for 100mm SHS tubes for mounting or a 63mm O.D. round pipe and a 4.5" (114mm) round post for mounting.
These nylon cantilever rollers feature double sealed bearings for extended life. No grease required! 

Please watch the videos to see how easy it is to install a Cantilever Gate on Nylon Rolleers. 

Can you see the potential of this sandwich system? 

You will typically need 4 Nylon Rollers for a gate and it can be automated just like any other sliding gate.

This listing is for 4 Nylon rollers including mounting brackets. Let us know whether you need it for round- or square posts.

Turtle Nylon Cantilever Roller CTL-WHL-1

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Installation of a Nylon Roller Cantilever Gate
Here a video showing how easy it is to install a Cantilever Gate on Rollers. Thanks to the guys from Colorado Premier for this great viedeo.
Example of a Cantilever Gate on Nylon Rollers
Example of a Cantilever Gate on Nylon Rollers.
Nylon Roller Cantilever Gate Example3
Nylon Roller Cantilever Gate Example