Electric Drop Lock for Single & Double Swing Gates

Drop Lock GO-DLCK-2 for Gate Opener to secure your gate Gate, Automation product
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Drop Lock for single / double Swing Gates 12V / 24V DC


Important: This product is only sold to owners / buyers of our gate openers.

This solenoid Drop lock is also compatible with our solar powered swing gate openers.

Simple to install and use, this automatic lock accessory is perfect for people looking for a more secure gate opener system or to take the pressure off the ram in windy conditions. This newly designed electric gate lock secures the gate is shut. When the gate opener system is activated, the lock automatically disengages allowing the gate opener to swing out and re-lock itself as soon as the system completed the closing cycle. This lock can also be opened with a security key we will provide.

A "must have" for double gates and high wind zones.

*Can also be used for single gates but please first have a look at the dedicated single gate lock we also offer in our shop.

Included in this kit:
– Automatic Electric Gate Lock
– Gate Lock Bracket
-  Cable
– 1x security key and lock


Is a lock somthing I need?

We highly recommend using a lock to protect your gate installation from excessive force. Strong winds or visitors, unaware of the gate installation can put high pressure on your gate and cause damage due to the high leverage. A gate lock is not a luxury but an investment.

Can this lock keep a double gate closed?

Yes, for double gates you get some extra parts allowing you to keep both leafs closed with one lock.