Electric Lock for Swing Gates

Lock for Swing gates GO-LCK-1 
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Electric Swing gate Lock  24V DC for Swing gate opener

This solenoid lock is compatible with our solar powered swing gate openers.

Simple to install and use, this automatic gate lock accessory is perfect for people looking for a more secure gate opener system or to take the pressure off the ram in windy conditions. This newly designed electric gate lock secures the gate is shut. The lock is installed onto the end of the gate with a catchment bracket secured onto the post.  When the gate opener system is activated, the lock automatically disengages allowing the gate opener to swing and re-lock itself when the system completes its closing cycle. This lock can also be opened with a security key provided.

A "must have" for long single gates and high wind zones.  For double gates use our drop lock. 

To operate this lock your PCB must have a terminal to wire the lock. This lock needs a temporary  input of 24VDC 3.5A to open. Please make sure your control board is compatible.

Important: This lock is not compatible with the PCB EG-20 of some swingate openers we sold around 2015-2018. If you are not sure, ask.

Included in this kit:
– Automatic Electric Gate Lock   ca. 215x102x50mm
– Gate Lock Bracket
– 1x security key and lock
- no cable included

Will be supplied in either metal designe or black depending on stock.

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