Turtle Sliding Gate Motor 230VAC (Motor only)

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TURTLE Sliding Gate Motor 230VAC  (Motor and 2 Remote) 


Please note that this listing only includes the motor and 2 remote controls. There are no tooth racks or other accessories included.

This motor is ideal for replacing a faulty motor. If you require a complete system, please check our other listings.

We were really impressed with our latest 230VAC model during testing. It's a robust gate motor and operates smoothly. What's more, it's a maintenance-free brushless motor! Not too long ago, a motor with this level of advanced technology would have cost over a thousand dollars. The manufacturer has used magnetic limit sensors instead of mechanical switches to ensure a top-notch system. This design allows for a fully enclosed motor housing, preventing bugs or insects from entering. With its 370W power, this brushless motor can handle gates weighing up to 800kg. It's a high-quality motor available at an incredible price.


If you replace an old motor, please check the castor wheels of the gate at the same time and replace them if they are older than 5 years or if they have travelled more than 500Km. Bearings of castor wheels have a limited service life. Old castor wheels, no longer rolling smoothly have caused many gate motors to struggle and finally fail because the resistance of the gate (old wheels) has become too high. Once your old motor has been removed you can check the wheels by pushing the gate with two fingers all the way open and back again. This way you can feel the resistance. 2 new castor wheels can make a huge difference (just $18.50 each) and your new motor will have a much longer life expectancy. 

Sliding gate operator for domestic applications:


  1. Powered 230 V±10% 50Hz
  2. Weather-proof
  3. Automatic return if high resistance met Motor: Voltage: 230VAC
  4. Rated 370W

Maintenance free Brushless Motor! 

Open (close) speed ca.v=12m/min

Motor housing making: die casting aluminum
Manual Release: yes

Auto close can be set from 20-90 seconds.

Remote distance: > 30m - 50m
Product weight :12.7kg
Max, weight of gate: 1000kg max. Length 9m

This is a 230VAC system and has to be wired by a registered electrician. You must have 230VAC available at the gate to power this motor!!

For domestic use only, not for retirement villages, blocks etc., all data ref. to gates installed on even flat surfaces.    

Auto closing: YES
Safety Photocell socket: YES
Alarm light socket: YES
Keypad socket: YES
Party Mode Yes

You get:
1x Motor and mounting set
2x Remote Control (extra Remote = $19)

1x Manual

12 months RTB Consumer Guarantees Act applies



Photos are an indication only! 


Sliding Gate Opener 370W/AC
Turtle Sliding Gate Opener 370W/AC SKU:SGO-230-370W