Gate Opener Sliding Set 230VAC 370W / 550W / 750W / 1200W

Unlock your gate's full potential with our 230VAC Electric Gate Opener system / Gate automation
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Gate Opener Set 230VAC / Sliding
product code: SGO-230-370W

Not quite sure what kind of gate opener you need or how to power it?  How to find the right Gate Opener?

Impressive Performance: Our latest 230VAC model is a sturdy and smooth-sounding gate motor that impressed us during testing. It features a maintenance-free brushless motor that would have cost over a thousand dollars just a few years ago.

Advanced Technology: To make this motor top-of-the-line, the manufacturer used magnetic limit sensors instead of mechanical switches. This allows the motor housing to be completely sealed, preventing bugs and insects from getting in.

Powerful Capabilities: The 370W brushless motor can automate gates up to 1000kg and 7m in length on level ground. For longer/heavier gates or gates installed on a slope, upgrade to a 550W / 750W motor or 1200W version.

Safety First: We highly recommend using an IR safety beam (photocells), available as an accessory that can be added to your motor.

This is a top motor for an incredible price, strong enough for most domestic gates up to 7m. 


Remote distance: > 30m - 50m
Product weight, :12.7kg
Max, weight of gate: 1000kg max. length 8m 

This is a 230V system and has to be wired by a registered electrician.

For domestic use only, not for retirement villages, blocks etc.. all data ref. to gates installed on level ground.    

Auto closing: YES
Safety Photocell socket: YES
Alarm light socket: YES
Keypad socket: YES
Party Mode Yes

Gate activator; optional

Set includes:
1x Motor and mounting set
2x Remote Control (extra Remote = $25)
4x 1m Steel Rack - Nylon racks are also available up on request
1x Manual

12 months RTB Consumer Guarantees Act applies

Photos are an indication only! 

Low Price Guarantee!


Sliding Gate Opener 370W/AC
Turtle Sliding Gate Opener 370W/AC SKU:SGO-230-370W