Turtle Underground Gate Opener

TURTLE Underground swing gate Opener System UG-24-STD
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Heavy Duty Underground Opener System UG-24-STD

Not quite sure what kind of gate opener you need or how to power it?  How to find the right Gate Opener?

The extra heavy-duty motor is for underground installations ideal for installs where there is no space above ground for mounting a motor or for installs where the user does not want the motor above ground. Furthermore, it is highly flexible in its installation methods allowing for multiple different orientations and positions.

The discreet extra heavy duty 24V DC motor is a powerful unit built from all metal components including its powder coated foundation box and stainless-steel top plate, internally the motor is constructed of all metal gears with a thick and strong motor output drive.

Thanks to its all metal gears this Tough and Robust system can handle large gates up to 3m length and 300kg in weight each gate.

The control board can be hardwired to 230VAC directly at the gate. If you don't have 230VAC available at the gate you can upgrade to the DIY version so you can plug in the stepdown transformer at the nearest powerpoint and take a low voltage cable from there to the gate yourself. No trenching needed for a low voltage cable and no electrician as you are allowed to do that all yourself.



1x Underground motor Unit with stainless steel box
1x Enclosure with transformer coil 
1x Cotrol board
2x Remote control
1x manual