Fingerprint Access Control ("keypad")

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Fingerprint Access Control

This metal shell standalone fingerprint access control device is using the latest fingerprint identification technology, it is safe and reliable. Forgotten are the times when you could not find the key or forgot the code you were supposed to enter.

You always have your fingers with you, right?

It can store 1,000 fingerprints / users. Each fingerprint can have an individual ID number and can be deleted from the white list at any time by the administrator. The use of a rain shield is recommended for outdoor applications.



Input Voltage: DC12V+/-10%

Sleeping Current: <=20mA

Idle Current: <=80mA

Door Relay Contact Load: 2A

Operating Temperature: -20~50 C

Operating Humidity: 20%~95%RH

Fingerprint Capacity: 1000

Resolution: 450DPI

Fingerprint Input Time: <1S

Identification Time: <1S

FAR: <0.0000256%

FRR: <0.0198%

Structure: Zinc Alloy

Dimension: 115mm X 70mm X 35mm

Weight: 500g