Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery / 12V/9A or 14A

Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery / 12V / 9A or 12V 14A

Minimum quantity for "Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery / 12V/9A or 14A" is 1.

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Lead Acid Battery 12V/9A or 12V/14A

12V 14A batteries are also in stock but please be aware that they are bigger then the 9A batteries.

High Quality Rechargeable Lead Acid Batteries

• Size 12V/9A: 150(L) x 65(D) x 93(H)mm
• Size 12V/14A: 150(L) x 98(D) x 100(H)mm

Price is for 1 battery

Picture is only an indication

If you have two batteries wired together in series or parallel always replace both batteries at the same time! 

Please be aware that the 14A model is bigger and might not fit in a standard 9A battery enclosure. Purchase the same battery model you replace.







What is the service life of a lead acid battery?

Batteries are consumables and need to be replaced after a certain period.

How long this period is varies based on several factors. Generally, a battery lasts longer when it experiences less stress. Less stress usually results from consistently charging the battery correctly to full capacity and discharging less then 50% of the capacety (Amp's). A battery with a higher capacity is less stressed under the same conditions than one with lower capacity. Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, also adversely affect battery life. Thoese are just some of the factors that have an impact on a batteries performance.

We asked ChatGPT (AI) for a statement and you can see the response below. The  term “cycles” is used. Each time the battery is charged is a cycle: 1 day = 1 cycle. -

My question to AI:

I want to know how many cycles I can expect from my 12 Volt 9A AGM battery during the service life.

ChatGPT (AI) Answer:

The number of cycles you can expect from your 12 Volt 9 Ah AGM battery during its service life can vary based on usage conditions and the depth of discharge (DoD). Here are some key points:

1. General Expectation: Typically, an AGM battery can provide up to 500 cycles under optimal conditions with moderate discharge levels [6].

2. Cycle Life at Different DoD: The lifespan in cycles can depend heavily on the depth of discharge:

o Shallow Discharges (up to 30% DoD): Can result in a higher number of cycles. o Moderate Discharges (50% DoD): Around 500 cycles.

o Deep Discharges (80% DoD): Fewer cycles, typically less than 500. 3. Real-World Usage: The actual number of cycles can vary based on how the battery is used, maintained, and the environment it operates in.

Battery Life in Days

To estimate how many days a battery can be used for a solar application:

1. Daily Usage: If you use the battery daily, one cycle per day.

2. Total Cycles: With a service life of 500 cycles at 50% DoD. 3. Calculation: o 500 cycles / 1 cycle per day = 500 days of service life.

Thus, with moderate discharges of 50%, your battery will be good enough to do the job for approximately 500 days, assuming one cycle = 1 day. However, in some cases with ideal conditions, the battery can perform well for up to 3 years.