Turtle Sliding Gate Opener 24V for DIY Installation/ SGO-BB-24DIY

Turtle Sliding Gate Opener / SGO-BB-24DIY
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Remote Gate Opening
Add Backup batteries to power your gate during power cuts. 2x 12V 9A batteries wired in series for
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Turtle Sliding Gate Opener SGO-BB-24DIY

This set allows you to plug the power control box with the step-down transformer in at the nearest power point. From there you can take a low voltage cable (24VAC) to the gate yourself to power the motor. No trenching needed as cable does not have to go underground like a 230V/AC cable. You can take the cable along a fence or just where it is most practical for you. This can save you a lot of money compared to a 230VAC installation where you need a registered Electrician for wiring and have to do some trenching.  

Get the ideal and simple solution for residential applications where mains is not available at the gate.

You can wire low power systems yourself and this can save you a lot of money.

Comes with detailed installation instruction - Gate hardware installation kits and more accessories are available in or web shop.

For gates up to 800kg. (on level ground)

Backup batteries (2x 12V9A) can be placed inside the motorhousing (optional). 

Technical Data:

Power supply: 230VAC to Stepdown transformer = 24V
Gates up to 800kg and 6m length on level ground.
Motor output: ca. 300W
Gate speed ca.: 14m p. minute
Auxiliary power output: 24VDC 3W max.
Weight (no battery): ca. 9.0kg
Dimensions: H: 288, L:300, W:202mm
Working temperature: -10 - +55°C
Remote controls: 433.92 MHz
Max remote controls: 25+
Flashing beacon output

Operate the gate opener:

Remote control (2 included)
Push button (optional)
Keypad (wireless or wired) (optional)
IR safety sensors (optional)


  • 1x Gate opener SGO-BB-24DIY
  • 4x 1m Nylon rack / steel rack is optional  (same price)
  • 2x Remote control
  • 1x Weather-proof Enclosure with step down transformer to plug in at garage.
  • Manual

12 months RTB
Consumer Guarantees Act applies

Photos are general examples and indicative only / NO battery necessary, but can be used for backup and are pptional.




I have no Power at the gate, can I use this system?

If mains is unavailable at the gate and taking it there impossible or too expensive than you should consider the DIY method. This approach works best where a power plug is available within 30-50m distance from the gate. This allows you to plug in a Turtle Step-down Transformer (see Photo) and take a low voltage cable to the gate yourself. The cable does not even have to go underground and the fact that you are using a low voltage system allows you also to wire the motor yourself. This is a very smart solution and should be your first alternative to check if mains is not available at the gate. Most TURTLE Automation Systems are available in a 12V or 24V version and suitable for this power solution.

Turtle Sliding Gate Opener 24V for DIY Installation SGO-SS-DIY24