Turtle Sliding Gate Opener 24V for DIY Installation/ SGO-SS-24V-MO+

Sliding Gate Motor 24V for DIY Installation/ SGO-SS-24V-MO+
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Turtle Sliding Gate Opener SGO-SS-24V-MO+
Important: For automation of gates installed on level ground only!

This listing is for the motor only (2 remote controls included) if you also need tooth racks, go to product SGO-SS-24.

Important: Before we agree to sell this motor;  Please send us a photo of the gate you wish to automate with this motor. We need a photo where we can see the whole gate (closed) in one shut. We will only accept your order once we saw the photo and consider the motor to be suitable. This is to avoid possible problems at an early stage.

Not quite sure what kind of gate opener you need or how to power it?  How to find the right Gate Opener?

This is a high quality motor, all mechanics & limit switches etc. are completely concealed.

Get the ideal and simple solution for residential applications.
If there is no mains power available, you can make use of the option of plugging the transformer into a nearby socket and laying a low-voltage cable directly to the gate. You can do this yourself and since it is a low-voltage line, the cable does not have to be laid in the ground (no trenching). You can upgrade to the DIY option if you want to plug in the transformer at a nearby power point.
This is a quality motor with all metal gear. They don't make them much better! The rigid aluminum cast motor chassis will last for years.

You can wire low voltage systems yourself and this can save you a lot of money.

For gates up to 800kg. (on level ground)

Technical Data:

Power supply: 230VAC to Stepdown transformer = 24V
Gates up to 800kg and 6m length on level ground.
Motor output: ca. 140W
Gate speed ca.: 14m min
Auxiliary power output: 24VDC 3W max.
Weight (no battery): ca. 9.0kg
Dimensions: H: 288, L:300, W:202mm
Working temperature: -10 - +55°C
Remote controls: 433.92 MHz
Max remote controls: 25+
Flashing beacon output
Pedestrian mode 

Operate the gate opener:

Remote control (2 included)
Push button (optional)
Keypad (wireless or wired) (optional)
IR safety sensors (optional)
  • 1x Gate opener motor SGO-SS-24V-MO+
  • 2x Remote control
  • Manual
Optional Upgrade:
  • 1x Weather-proof Enclosure with step down transformer to plug in at garage.

12 months RTB
Consumer Guarantees Act applies

Photos are general examples and indicative only / NO battery needed for the DIY model.

Turtle Sliding Gate Opener 24V for DIY Installation SGO-SS-DIY24