Wheel Type Swing Gate Opener for Single / Double Gates

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Wheel Type Swing Gate Opener for Single & Double Gates GO-WLD-1-ST

Not quite sure what kind of gate opener you need or how to power it?  How to find the right Gate Opener?

Smart Design: This type of opener utilizes power more efficiently than most other systems. The position of the motor, in relation to the pivot point or center of rotation, is ideal. As a result, this system can manage larger and heavier gates than typically possible with other gate openers. Another significant advantage of this opener is its ease and speed of installation.

Optional DIY Upgrade

This model is also available in a DIY version with split power supply. It will be supplied with an extra enclosure containing the transformer coil (230V-24V). Please have a look in our DIY section if required.

The  moto comes with a weather proof enclosure containing the controller and power transformer (220V AC to 24V DC)

Working Temperature:-25℃~+55℃
Power Supply:220V±10% 50Hz
Motor Voltage:24V DC
Rated Power:200W while connection wires within 30 meters,
Open(Close)Speed: 10-15m/min
Remote Control Distance: 30m(Open Area)
Ground Gap:0-100mm
Product Carton package:37cm x 27cm x 32cm
Gross Weight:22KG

Only suitable for a hard and reasonably even underground. The system can handle 100mm level difference if installed correctly.

System comes with:
1x Motor with wheel (black housing) 2x Motor for double gate system
1x Control box
2x Remote control
1x Set of screws
1x Warning sign
1x Manual

Some pictures are only indicative examples.



Turtle Wheeled Swing Gate Opener