TURTLE Powerful Swing Gate Opener P400 / P600 - standard

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Recommended to fit mounting brackets for wooden mounting posts
U-Bolts to support the mounting of the Ram
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Powerful Swing Gate Opener 230VAC --> 24V

Not quite sure what kind of gate opener you need or how to power it?  How to find the right Gate Opener?

The GO-LO3-2ST model requires an AC power source of 24V and needs your gate area to support 230VAC.

Our Turtle Heavy-Duty Swing Gate Opener is a sturdy, all-metal appliance capable of operating swing gates weighing up to 400kg. Perfect for residential or commercial uses, this device is designed to withstand regular usage. If properly installed, it will serve you reliably for many years. This model represents our most robust linear opener, offering 400mm travel. For larger gates, we also have an option with 600mm travel.

In order to meet your specific needs, we offer optional accessories designed to be used in conjunction with this opener.


- Open and close the gate by remote control (2 are included) or keypad (optional)
- Emergency release key in case of power failure
- Stop / Reverse in case of obstruction during gate opening / closing process.
- The force of the motor can be programmed.
- Dual speed = slow start (2sec) high speed (ca. 10 sec) slow closing to avoid stress for the gate and the system.
- For gates with covered surface (cladding) max leaf length is 2.5m

Max Single-leaf Length:4m For Open Farm Gates and 3m for normal Swing Gates - if gate has cladding length must not be more then 2.5m in windy places.
Max Single-leaf Weight:250KG
Environment Temperature:-20°C~+50°C
Water Protection:IP55


 Motor arm(s)

1x Enclosure with Control board and step down coil.

2x Remote Control


Important: Please add a lock to your order. A lock is not a luxury but an investment!  It will also protect the RAM and the installation from accidental or intentional use of force. We might decline an order if no lock is used, depending on the situation as we have to offer warranty and can not take the increased risk .


12 months RTB
Consumer Guarantees Act applies



When should I upgrade to the P600 option?

Upgrade from 400mm to 600mm Stroke for large, or long gates to get a better angle of attack. For gates with cladding, 600mm stroke should be used. The upgrade to the P600 model is including an additional oversize mounting bracket to make sure you can get the geometry right. Important: Don't use the P600 model for steel pipe farm gates as they can flex and this can cause problems for the gate and the lock.

BL400S in action with solenoid lock
Turtle Swing Gate Opener P400 in Action