TURTLE Wheel Type Swing Gate Opener / Solar powered

Smart Wheel Type Swing Gate Opener, applying force effectively at the best spot.  Gate Automation  for swing gates
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Turtle Wheel Type Swing Gate Opener GO-WLD-1-SL -  solar powered

Not quite sure what kind of gate opener you need or how to power it?  How to find the right Gate Opener? 

Efficient design: This opener optimizes power usage compared to other systems. The motor's position in relation to the pivot point enhances its capability to handle larger and heavier gates, surpassing what is typically achievable with other gate openers.
Simple installation: Another benefit is the easy and quick installation process, setting it apart from alternative systems.

Important: This gate opener is suitable exclusively for use on sealed underground or concrete surfaces with a level difference of less than 100mm. The motor(s) are housed in a weatherproof enclosure, which also contains the controller/PCB.

Working Temperature: -25℃ to +55℃
Power Supply: Solar 24V DC
Motor Voltage: 24V DC
Remote Control Distance: 50m (In Open Area)
Thrust: 6N
Ground Gap: 0-100mm
Product Carton Package: 37cm x 27cm x 32cm
Gross Weight: 11KG (one motor)

Only suitable for solid and reasonably level surfaces.

The system includes:
1x Motor with wheel (black housing) - upgrade to a double gate is possible
2x Remote control
1x Set of screws
1x Manual

Solar components:
2x 30W solar panels with mounting brackets
2x 12V9A batteries
Solar charge controller
Outdoor enclosure for batteries/charge controller and PCB

Some pictures serve as indicative examples only.

Wheeled motor

Disclaimer: Please note that solar powered devices, including the gate opener equipment, operate on a limited power source. Depending on the specific situation, it may be necessary to add extra solar panels or batteries to meet the power requirements. 


Turtle Wheeled Swing Gate Opener