Turtle Swing Gate Opener / Solar 24V P-400 / P600

Swing Gate Opener / Solar powered 24V DC
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Powerful Swing Gate Opener / Solar powered 24V DC Turtle SWO-24-P400 / P600

The NEW Turtle heavy duty Swing Gate Opener is a powerful, robust all metal device. It will handle swing gates of up to 400kg for domestic or commercial applications. Designed for heavy use it will be opening the gate for you reliably for many years. This is our strongest most robust Linear Opener with 400mm travel, also available with 600mm travel for even bigger gates. (you can upgrade to 600mm in this listing for $30 each Ram.)
- This set comes with our Turtle Control Box. No longer will you need 2 or even 3 enclosures but all the components including batteries are now housed in one and the same enclosure.
- We have optional accessories available in our web shop you can use together with this product to insure you have what you require.
- Open and close the gate by remote control or keypad (optional)
- Emergency release key in case of power failure
- Stop/Reverse in case of obstruction during gate opening / closing process.
- The force of the motor can be programmed.
- Dual speed = slow start (2sec) high speed (ca. 10 sec) slow closing to avoid stress for the gate and the system.
- The Digital Volt Display indicates the running situation and setting menu
24V DC, 70W each motor arm, 4A current
Power supply: 24V DC Solar Powered/ 2x 12V9A lead acid battery.
Actuator speed: ca. 14 sec to open the gate
Actuator travel: 400mm/ 600mm
Max. Weight of each gate: 400 kg
Max. Width of each gate: 4 m (P400) (P600=4.5m)
Auto closing time: programmable
Ambient temperature: -22c- +55c
Protection class: IP44
 Motor arm(s) RAM - depending on number of leafs.
2x Mounting Bracket for solar panels
1x Enclosure with Control board
2x Remote Control
2x 12V 30W Solar panel
2x 12V 9A Battery
1x Solar Charge Controller
1x 5m 2/3 core cable for solar panel wiring (more is available in our web shop)
Please tick what side of the gate the motor arm will be installed so we can supply the correct motor arm.

A 220VAC version is available please ask if you are interested.
IMPORTANT: Make sure you have a suitable place to install the solar panels. They need full sun for 3-4h (on a sunny day!). If you have less sun hours or none due to surrounding trees, houses or other reasons, then you might have to use bigger solar panels or mains where available.
12 month RTB
Consumer Guarantees Act applies
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Turtle Swing Gate Opener P600
Turtle Swing Gate Opener P-600